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32 FANGS available April 24, 2012!

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

It’s finally here–the fifth and final installment in the Laura Caxton vampire hunter series!

Laura Caxton has been fighting vampires for seven years. It’s cost her everything: her career, her relationship, the lives of her mentor and so many others. But it’s finally paying off. She’ll get one shot, just one, to take down the last surviving vampire, Justinia Malvern. But Malvern’s been around a lot longer, and has had plenty of time to learn some deadly tricks of her own. And she’s never been one to fight fair…

This is the book fans have been waiting for. All the mysteries will be revealed; all your favorite characters are coming along for the ride. Be sure not to miss this, or you’ll never know who wins in the final confrontation!

For information on buying the book, check the home page of this website.

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